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We are a digital laboratory for the dental clinic 2.0

Full3DLab is the perfect choice to incorporate into your dental clinic!

Managed by specialists in dentistry and experts in the dental sector, we cover the new technological needs of dental clinics.
We digitally design and manufacture dental appliances automated way and on a large scale, achieving a reduction in costs and time. In this way we obtain an excellent quality as a result.
This way we obtain an excellent quality as a result.

Experience and quality

We are specialists in digital dentistry. We take care of the entire design and manufacturing process. Connect your dental scanner with Full3d and get high quality equipment.

Laboratory 2.0

From our platform you will have full control of your orders, you can upload files in one click, manage your shipments, see the status of the work and check your delivery notes and invoices. DoctorPlatform

Shipping and Warranty

We distribute our product throughout Europe and we offer a guarantee on all our work throughout the treatment.


We design and manufacture high quality and reliable digital dental equipment.

Digital splint

iConno Splint

A personalized digital splint tailored to each patient.

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Made with the latest generation material and VI USP certified, we achieve a totally transparent splint, resistant to wear and with a low level of water absorption, which makes it a hard and biocompatible material that maintains transparency over time.
With intraoral scanning, our platform and 3D manufacturing the flow is 100% digital, that allows a perfect fit, without unnecessary touch-ups. Quick, comfortable and efficient.
Digital manufacturing ensures precise control of thickness and retention parameters that facilitates exact finishing. Compatible with common sterilization methods.
  • Michigan Splint Michigan

  • Deprogrammer Splint Deprogrammer

  • Canine guide Splint Guide

  • Cup splint Splint Cup

  • Flat Splint Flat

  • Whatever splint you need, you can order it at Full3Dlab, there are 104 designs available.

    For only € 76.

    Post orthodontic retainers

    iConno Retainers

    Post orthodontic retainers that precisely adapt to the dental anatomy of each patient.


    Transparent, more durable and resistant.

    Made to measure, choose the thickness of the retainer 1mm or 1.5mm.

    Supplied in 2, 4 or 6 sets in the same shipment.

    Self-correction of recurrences.

    Best value for money on the market.

    For all types of patients, adolescents or adults.

    Compatible with fixed retainers.

    Pack iConno 2

    2 transparent retainers

    - 1 Upper
    - 1 Lower

    Pack iConno 4

    4 transparent retainers

    - 2 Upper
    - 2 Lower

    Pack iConno 6

    6 transparent retainers

    - 3 Upper
    - 3 Lower

    Invisible orthodontics


    types splint

    Planning and manufacturing.

    From our invisible orthodontics department, we will design a personalized treatment plan. Once it is planned, you must review and confirm the treatment, to begin manufacturing.

    types splint

    Emotional dentistry.

    Provide a positive experience to your patient, thanks to the 3D simulation the patient will be able to see the results of the treatment before starting.

    types splint

    Adult and child orthodontics.

    We are a laboratory specialized in invisible aligners for adults and adolescents. You can combine different techniques to treat cases.

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    Without certification.

    We do not require any type of certification, but we do request experience and knowledge in the invisible orthodontic technique.

    What kind of occlusions can be treated with ioAligners?

    occulions occulions aligner details aligner details

    Reasons to use ioAligners Full

    There are many more, but we will tell you 9 advantages of Full invisible orthodontics.

    We have adjusted prices for an increase in the acceptance of cases in your clinic. Take advantage of the FullProfile, the more cases you send, the more discounts you will get, and they are forever.
    Aesthetic, resistant material, better fit, more comfortable and without stains.
    You will have three redesigns to get the best result in your schedules.
    Full 6, Full 12 and Full 18, more aligners at the best price.
    No movement limit, more possibilities.
    Quick designs, in just 3 working days the planning will be available. Fast deliveries, once the treatment is accepted in 7 working days we will deliver the complete case to your clinic.
    You will be able to select at no cost the final retainers for the 1st and 2nd stage treatment.
    Refinements with stiffer material for better results.
    We have a highly qualified team in continuous training, to offer the best solutions in each case.

    Treatments and prices

    Compare the different invisible orthodontic packs in the following table.
    price price
    doctorPlatform full3dlab
    The platform for doctors


    DoctorPlatform is an online platform that facilitates job management and communication with our laboratory.

    From our platform you will be able to request new orders, have total control of the work, billing, shipments and view the schedules

    Register in a few simple steps and discover everything that Full3Dlab can do for your Dental clinic.

    Click on the following link to go directly to the DoctorPlatform DoctorPlatform.


    How do I request a piece?

    In 4 easy steps

    Step 1

    Access to the platform

    Access the platform directly through www.doctor.full3dlab.com and request a new order. DoctorPlatform

    Step 2


    Fill in the case information, the prescription and attach the digital files. We work with any dental scanner on the market.

    Step 3


    Select the delivery date and accept the order. On the agreed day you will receive the requested work at your clinic.

    Step 4


    Track your order or open an inquiry about it and we will assist you in whatever you need

    Full Profiles

    The solution to save on your orders.

    Any dental clinic that uses this type of equipment knows that it is a recurrent gas.

    This is where FullProfiles comes into play, a function designed to reduce your recurring investment in appliances and group all your discounts and promotions in one place.

    The more orders you purchase over a long period of time, the more money you will save.

    This is how FullProfiles works:

  • FullProfiles works as a loyalty system and you can benefit from it every time you place an order on our DoctorPlatform platform.

  • Let's imagine you arrive at an order number 100 of splints. FullProfiles will automatically raise you to level 4 of splints and you will get a 5% discount forever on the discharge splints.

  • You can use that 5% discount on all your next splints orders, until you reach level 5 where you will get 10%

  • Each product has its own level and discounts.

  • profiles level

    Whether you have a dental clinic or a group of clinics, we know that reducing expenses is a primary objective in your day-to-day life and that is precisely the goal of FullProfiles. We want to help you save, not only in an individual purchase, but in future orders.

    Click on the DoctorPlatform and discover all the details about discounts and products.


    You're in good hands

    4 points that define our reliability

    We are open to clear and direct communication with our customers, for any questions you may have about our website, our products or any other issue, do not hesitate to contact us.




    Quality and guarantee


    Customer satisfaction


    Highly qualified professional team

    premium package premium package

    Packaging Premium

    - Select the jobs for which you want the premium pack from DoctorPlatform.
    - Value experience by the patient.
    - Low cost, € 8 / unit
    - It contains the sealed work, it is opened in front of the patient in an aseptic and individualized way.

    and even more ...

    Personalized premium packaging, you can add your logo, information and the colors of your brand. Contact us if you want more information about customizing your own packaging.



    High production

    Cost optimization

    High quality

    Software inteligent

    Smart software


    Custom packaging

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